Weddings at Bear Creek Lodge

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Experience two extraordinary days, to marry the person that you love and cherish the most while sharing memories with your closest friends and family.

While here, you’ll enjoy our 65-acre property, surrounded by the Payette National Forest, complete with acres of green grass, various potential ceremony sites, a large heart-shaped pond and fountain, a gazebo, a spacious deck, and a huge fire pit.

The wedding package includes 250 white garden chairs, tables, a large white tent, a beautiful arch for your ceremony, and exclusive use of the entire property.

The booking party is responsible for all wedding décor, including linens and centerpieces, plus food, beverages, and catering.  We would be happy to identify local wedding planners and/or caterers for you to select from.

For lodging, your guests would reserve and pay for each of the 8 main lodge bedrooms, the 4 duplex cabin rooms, and the three-bedroom cabin on the property. Room discounts would be applied.

Please contact us to schedule an appointment to tour the lodge and property for your special day.

Any time of the year, our unique property and beautiful location will give you the perfect wedding destination.

Bear Creek Lodge Management & Staff


Bear Creek Main Lodge Occupancy Limits

Downstairs = 1,626 sq.ft.
Tables and Chairs for ~ 85 people
or Standing Space for ~ 200 people
or Chairs only for ~ 150 people

Upstairs = 1,098 sq.ft.
Tables and Chairs ~ 65 people
or Standing Space for ~ 150 people
or Chairs only for ~ 100 people

Deck = 1,812 sq.ft.
Table and Chairs ~ 100 people
or Standing Space ~ 300 people
or Chairs only ~ 200 people

Outdoors = 250 people

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